Tuesday, 11 May 2010

View from the Chair

It was my birthday at the week-end and I had a lovely time with friends and family.
An especially nice bit of the actual day itself was spent at the birthday party of a dear friend of mine, before I went on to my own.
Just before we left my friend's son took the microphone to announce to one and all that it was my birthday as well as his dad's, and went on to say which number birthday it was. Although this came as a surprise my greater surprise was that nobody rushed up to me to say that he must have got the number wrong!
Conclusion - No matter how I might like to kid myself I sure do look my age!

Since the week-end I've had to go on to anti-biotics, spending a lot of time dozing in my chair feeling pretty low.

I must say that watching the politicians unravel the dilemma of a the post-election hung parliament did little to cheer me up, but my greatest disappointment was that here I am again. Having got on top of the gardening so that I could, with a clear conscience, get some painting done, finding I wasn't able to do it. I must find some way of making my priorities work better than this. Which is where I was when I started this blog.
Perhaps I have to decide once again that painting is a priority for me. For now I'm not feeling up to thinking the way through to a new modus operandi but do have these words that were on the birthday card sent to me by the friend whose party I went to,

"Life is a gift from God and our best days are spent discovering the wonders of that miracle."

Though my friend wouldn't know it I was interested in how well that chimed with the intention of this blog.
I must say that some of my worst days have been spent looking for, and eventually finding those wonders, and that transformative pursuit is most definitely one of my constant priorities.

God Bless

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