Thursday, 20 May 2010

At last the studio tidy up is finished!
It may not look like it to you but this is one very sorted place at the moment, however I was reassured by reading recently that a creative mind cannot be a tidy one. Minimalists may not agree with that of course but there is something sort of sterile, (or perhaps I mean antiseptic), about that branch of art for me.

(These under-linings aren't mine but some sort of malfunction on the blogger).

The end of my tidy up has coincided with the weather becoming stunningly warm. As it gets really hot in the studio under the roof I've been going on with planting up in the garden. This prompted a drive through the beautiful Warwickshire coutryside to one of my favourite garden centres.
Wish I'd taken my camera because everything is looking so quintessentially picture postcard perfect it made me grateful yet again for the place I live.

By contrast I had to drive hubby somewhere through the city this evening and there are road works everywhere at present Hopefully they are filling in the awful potholes left after the winter, but
the resulting never-ending heavy , slow moving queues of traffic sudddenly seemed opressive.
Again I could only feel grateful I don't have to turn out in this every day.
Sometimes it's good to be a certain age.

It's also good to have a place to retreat to like my super tidy studio.
I have a little meditation corner up there as well. It all works together to try and keep me sane.
Sometimes it seems to work better than others!

Oh! at last the annoying under- lining is gone.

May show you that meditation corner and some photos of the beautiful English country around here next time.

Hope you find a place of peace for yourself today.

God Bless

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