Friday, 28 May 2010

Spring Bank Holiday at Home

Coming up to a Spring Bank Holiday week-end and the weather is still holding good at present for all those hard working folks who are looking forward to a break.

We usually give these holidays a miss as being retired means we have the option to avoid busy roads and get out and about at other times. Of course the problem with this is that we can get stuck in the rut of not making the effort to really get off the patch very often.
It's surprising how much the routine and habits of everyday life can keep one obsorbed, and though I am very contented with that there comes a time when I have to spread my wings and fly away for a bit.
At the moment then it seems then that I will be spending the long week-end pottering about at home, though I have a hankering to be amongst the hills of my Welsh homeland. (This hankering is never far away, because I love the hills).

Since beginning this post the inevitable has happened and the rain has kicked in for the holiday. No more planting out of my seedlings today then, and even hubby's flat green bowls looks a bit iffy because it's raining so hard.
I will settle for an afternoon with my new pile of library books at my side ready for the moment I finish the one I'm reading at present, which is a fascinating look at mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, by Marianne Fredriksson, titled "Hanna's Daughters". The blurb describes it as "g ripping and gritty... Catherine Cookson with a touch of Strinberg".
No disrepect to Ms Cookson but Fredriksson seems to me to be less trite than that.
I seem to be mining a seam of those sort of generational/relationship books at present and some of them are really powerfully asking questions about heredity versus personality, and time and environment versus heredity too. As a former counsellor, as well as from my own life experience these things fascinate me.

I leave you with a puzzle that you might be able to answer for me.
The photograph at the top is of the verbascum in my garden now.
The thing is that when I bought them they were apricot in colour, so when last year they came up white I thought that they were reverting to type and looked nice and delicate though not the desired original.
So nice did they look I did the watercolour in the bottom picture.
All well and good, but can anybody explain how this year I have two deep pink and one pale?

God Bless

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