Thursday, 14 May 2015


There has been a lot doing these last weeks, and I haven't posted anything on my blog

I don't suppose I've been missed,
 and as I don't often feel any compulsion to post regularly,
 I can't complain if I haven't.

Sometimes I wonder who reads my ramblings,
or if there is anybody out there at all;
then I look at the stats, and of course there is.

I can't claim, as some folks do, that I only write for myself .
Like painting, it is something that needs to be shared.
and sometimes I yearn to have some come back,
then I put that down to an ego which needs stroking,
 and put it to one side.

Mainly I still want to share the wonder 
of this ordinary/extraordinary life we share,
and yes, I guess I do want to know if it resonates with you.
To know that we touch soul space for a second or two, and say
Hmm! Yes!
 making an

Well may be that isn't for me to know, so I'll just get on with it.

This evening we are going to a Mary Black concert at Warwick Art Centre.

The tour is her "Final Call", as she is "hanging up her touring boots".

Her pure voice has accompanied me for many hours in the studio.
If you have never heard her sing, do listen to these.
If you know her you will need no urging.

Be Blessed