Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Treasures of Darkness

Writing the last blog while I was feeling so ghastly reminded me of how it came about that I so actively mark, and cherish, the little wonders hidden amongst all the not so wonderful stuff we have to deal with.

It's true that we are more aware of a shaft of light when we sitting in the dark, and I was certainly in a dark place when I realised how sustaining even a very small flash of light can be.

At sixteen I became ill and began a two year period of being flat on my back in bed.
The first months of this time were spent on the medical ward of a hospital where I learnt that it was wonderful to have a few hours free of pain, and with enough quiet on the ward to sleep.
I learnt that although we might have to wait, there was always somebody around who could supply basic care for our needs. What was wonderful was that very, very occasionally, care was given with a deep intuitive understanding, and a degree of tenderness which cannot be quantified.
unforgettable wonder was the time a patient who was in the next bed to me and who was regarded as being permanently and totally aphasic, (without the power of speech), suddenly ceased her unintelligible babbling and leaning over the side of her bed towards me and said "Thank you", quite clearly.
Her daughter who was visiting her at the time was jubilant, as none of the doctors believed her when she said that her mother was capable now and then of uttering clear speech.
"Now, you've heard it too!" she said.

So that's the nature of these things I guess. We cannot make them happen when we want, they flash across our paths, lift us, and are gone; though leaving behind a residue of strength and hope that, no matter how dire our situation, there may well be many more wonders to come. And of course there always are...

The other thing about wonders is that like the lady with the
aphasic mother, you want others to know about them too.
I guess she wanted the doctors to realise that there was more going on than they gave credence to. More to be surprised by, baffled and delighted about.

Seems very much the essence of life doesn't it?

God Bless

P.S. Some of you may recognise that the words " The treasures of darkness" are a quote from Isahia 45:3. If you are interested in the rest of my of spiritual story I am going to start a site about that soon. Perhaps you could let me know what you think?
Keep watching my blog if you are interested and I'll let you now when I've got it set up.

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