Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Taste of Things to Come

At last! Today was warm enough to enjoy a meal on our shady patio.

As you can see hubby is getting ready to tuck in while I mess about with the camera instead of sitting down and tucking in as any civilised person would. (Not quite what he said but something very like it). I should like to report that we partook of an Elysian lunch of crisp leaves of endive, lambs lettuce, radicchio, and rocket, assembled with crumbled nuggets of a wondrous cheese from a small Welsh dairy farm, tossed lightly in a peppery olive oil, wine vinegar, and herb dressing, then scattered thickly with shreds of proscuttio, followed by fresh fruit and arabica coffee.

I should like to report that, but in actual fact we had what is commonly known in our local fish and chip shop as " the Wednesday Special". This calorie and cholesterol busting repast consists of a small fried fish in batter, a hot saveloy, (a really oily but delicious sausage), mushy peas, and a portion of chips, (fat french fries). All washed down with a good cup or two of tea. Aaah!

I can report that we do not often indulge in such unhealthy excess, but hey, it's the first day out on the patio.

P.S. When I 'm moaning about how tubby I'm getting feel free to remind me of this won't you?

God Bless

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