Monday, 24 May 2010


Perhaps unusually for a woman I am really not into shopping but we have been looking for shoes for hubby.
If you have to shop then it's nice to be in a congenial place , hence shopping in Leamington Spa and walking from the car over the bridge that crosses the river Leam where the fairies seem to have hung a large beechnut bell in the trees overhanging the water. Hope you can see it in the upper left of the photo.
Then towards the Spa centre alongside the river with Georgian buildings across the way.

Better behave yourself though 'cos while all looks serene on this clear gold and blue cloudless day in a quaint English spa town, you are being watched.
Camera next to the church tower, upper left of photo taken at the bottom of the parade.

Needless to say we did behave ourselves. Well I did.
Hubby is not a peacock among men and has to be harangued into buying clothes. His "look" is epitomised as shapeless and comfy so although he knew the time had come to be re-shod he was not entirely in the zone, shall we say.

Unsurprisingly we did not in the end make a purchase, but at least have gotten over that first stage: i.e the one where he says, "How much did they say these were?!" whilst looking as though somebody is about to rob a child.
The reconnoitre over we can now look forward to another slog around the shops and this time he might even get to try the second shoe of the pair.

We had a lovely stroll back past the flowering trees and the river to the car.

Unfortunately the blacksmith who used to be in business in the little village of Stoneleigh on our way back home has ceased business or I might be tempted to call in there and have hubby's feet measured. Only a thought.

God Bless

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