Thursday, 6 May 2010

Making a Simple Collage

This is the spot in the garden where yesterday's natural leaf art was created.
It was made up of flowers from the clump of blue ones at the foot of the ficus shrub, and from the leaf that had dropped from that self same shrub. Both of these are to the right of Boris the bird bath.
call him Boris because when we bought him there was some discussion as to whether he was a Doris or a Boris. The grand daughters decided he was a Boris).

Essentially what was created by the leaf, the petals, and the elements was, of course a collage, and that's what I've made to show you.

As you can see we need a few more things but I am a firm believer in using what comes to hand if at all possible. It is part of the fun and the serendipity effect. Also it's good to re-cycle as we all know, and if like me you have a problem throwing bits and pieces like this away it helps to make you feel less guilty about your magpie hoarding as well.
What I'm using is:- a used brown envelope, a piece of card that was a free paint sample, a couple of pieces of tissue paper that had been paper crowns from Christmas crackers. (Yes I'm that sad that I keep those too)! Stick of paper glue, pencil.
1. Whether greeting, gift, or place card, cut your card to size and fold in half, taking care to keep the sides square. I used my paint sample for this.
2. Cut a small rectangle or square of contrast paper, and glue in the upper left of the front of your card. With the brown leaf in mind I used a piece of brown envelope. If you can, cut your paper so it's slightly rough edged and not too "careful" looking. As you can see I scrunched up the paper before sticking it and it certainly isn't looking tidy,or even straight, but of course if you like measuring and straight edges this is "you" and you should do it that way.
3. I made some flowers from the used tissue by drawing rough varying sized circles, dissecting these with petal shapes and cutting them out. You can use flowers cut from old cards, magazines, wrapping paper,whatever.

4. Literally throw your flowers roughly where you think they should go and stick them there. If needed you can tweak this a bit to get a better look.
5. You can add words if you like, but there's the basic job done.

Hope you like it.

Tomorrow if you'd like to join me I'll tell you what
made me put this "How To"
on the blog.

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