Monday, 17 May 2010

Things Are Bursting Out All Over

I am notoriously vague about dates but one thing that charts the way we are dashing through the year in a way that no calendar can for me, was a walk through my garden where the season has been playing catch -up.
I discover as I have been languishing indoors swallowing antibiotics, the plants in my garden have been moving on at an astonishing pace.
One glimpse at my fully blooming poppies, and budding roses, is enough to tell me that we are already hurtling towards mid-summer.
These exotic silken flounces, with their velvet purple- capped centres, and dusting of of black could almost have been designed for a flamenco performance.

At present the
euphorbias can be as dainty as these tiny blooms peeping between the foxglove leaves, or as big as the identical looking ones over- shooting the white rhododendrons.
Perhaps the showiest I have is the fiery variety which you can see growing through the ruby red lace of the acer.

While my garden has been so productive I couldn't resist letting loose in my half sorted studio.
Sometimes when I haven't the energy to tackle a "real" piece of work I leave my brain on a hook behind the door, (which some think I may not find too difficult), and just set to with no thought but to keep making marks so that colour, composition, and any thought of schema is left (literally) out of the picture.Technically this is called automatism, but it's really the ultimate in simply playing.
The result came as a complete surprise, looking like nothing I've ever done before, with bleached colours unlike my usual bold pallet and with a sort of almost Ben Nicholson look .I showed it to hubby who has developed a canny reaction of usually saying "Wow!" at first, whilst marshaling his resources to say what he really thinks. It hasn't photoed very well but it seems that he really likes this. Even as far as framing it as you can see.

Perhaps I should hang my brain behind the door more often.
What do you think?

God Bless

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