Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Zentangle Challenge #32

Sorry there have not been more posts lately.
Post op. recuperation is a strange uneven time for getting things done.
For those who know me.
  Yes, even more uneven than usual!

Any old how I've tackled this week's guest challenge from
Do click on it and have ago.
It's great fun, but addictive.

This week we have to use four specified tangles, and here's the results.

And here's a little rough and ready afterthought.
Really was surprised that the heart appeared.

I must say that Blogger is acting up pretty badly 
and it's getting almost impossilble to get images uploaded these days.
If these are on the page I will be pretty pleased with myself because after dabbing around with previous solutions I had to resort to HTML publishing.

Still it does seem a waste of limited energy.
Especially as I've added Disqus to the site
and so that if you leave a comment I can now REPLY and we can have a discussion, 
or start a stream,
but as yet nobody's left a comment.
Not even a negative one, which would be something!
Boo Hoo!


Hurrah the pics are up, but I still dont know why they're blue!

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