Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Let It Just Come Bubbling Up...

This is this mornings page from my journal, and yes, it does say 
"Let it just come bubbing up",
but  the inner critic stays out of the journal, right?

My question to myself was
which direction do I take with the creative flow of my life?
Doesn't matter if you don't see yourself as the creative type.
All life is creative isn't it?

I know of at least one leading business architect for an international financial firm,
(she knows that title gets me every time)!
who reads this blog and has to struggle daily with targets, 
and outcomes,
and plans, 
and personality differences,
and stuff even more incomprehensible to me than that.

When I read her Masters dissertation however I could see 
the main thrust of her findings were based on 
seeking and fostering creativity. 

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing today 
how can you find the way to let your creativity come bubbling up?

There are always so many ways we could begin to
unfurl our wings and fly a little.

Trying something we've always put off perhaps?

Doing something different and new?

Something that has that same toe wriggling freedom about it as kicking off our shoes.
Wearing my "art" hat I kicked off my shoes yesterday 
for 30 minutes to give myself time to work in a way I never do. 

I made a quick pen drawing of these roses, brought by a friend,

Then I did  a sort of off-grise wash with some Caran d,'Arche.
(Found the pen wasn't waterproof 
as it declared itself to be, in the process). 

I love colour so much this feels somehow very strange
but I can see it has a certain merit of it's own.

Today with the roses rapidly opening I'll come at it 
from another angle
in pursuit of my "truest" approach.

Maybe you can let me know what you think at the end of the exploration?
I have felt so encouraged by the Zentangle folk who have left comments it has made me realise how much I long 
for feedback of any sort.

Be Blessed

P.S.  In that strange synchronicity that often happens when we let ourselves merge with the flow, after writing this post I came across these words from Julia Cameron as she writes how repetitive actions in ordinary life can be the gateway to creative thinking:- "Showering, swimming,scubbing, shaving, steering a car, - so many s-like-yes-like words!... Solutions to sticky creative problems
may bubble up
through the dishw"ater."
Julia Cameron, "The Artist's Way

May the dishwater of your life be touched with the delicious freedom of creativity today.

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