Thursday, 21 July 2011

Zentangle Challenge 31

The Zentangle challenge set up on
 this week is to make an environment
for a fairy to live in.

Fortunately though I am not a seasoned tangler I am highly qualified to portray the environment of fairies.
(I presume you have heard the saying about being
"away with the fairies" )?

Though the fairy folk of Ireland are well known,
the fairies in my native Wales are much less keen on publicity.
These Cymri fairies prefer to keep a low profile in the hills,
mountains and green meadows which, 
being so often wreathed in mist, 
is their perfect home. 

As a child I was familiar with their habitat and so
these drawings are, 
of course, straight from memory.

Though they are very shy it is well known 
that they frequent their own magic rings,
which they most often fashion from grass circles
where they love to set up market or hold a dance.

The one above was unusual 
in being made entirely of mushrooms 
which they can use for shelter in bad weather, 
so may be there had been rain at their gathering.
We are talking about Wales after all.

This is a fairy ring which,
using the plentiful rain,
has functioned as a swimming pool.
I fancy the entrance to their changing room
is at the foot of the tree.

As they usually prefer to stay near the deep shade of trees,
or the crevices of dry stone walls,
this seems set right at the edge of the woods
to catch the sun.

The more sun,
the quicker their wings will dry. 

This last one shows the spot where an acorn cup basket has been abandoned by some elves in their hurry away from human eyes.

It seems the English fairies are just as shy as the Welsh,
as I have never come across even a trace of them
in all the years I've lived here.
Or perhaps it's just that grown up eyes
aren't as quick to pick up signs of the little folk.

God Bless

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