Saturday, 30 July 2011

An English Garden

As Blogger seems to be up-loading photos a bit more readily,
I will post a quick tour of our end of July garden, 
to show you what is thriving on neglect and dry weather.

 Hubby has just left
for a bowls match 
and I'd quite like to 
wander around some garden's
this afternoon.

 Much as I love my own little patch, 
it's always a delight to see what 
somebody else is growing.

There are some allotments at Warwick,
that have been renovated and kept
in the Victorian style I believe,
so I may take a trip over there
as I am now fit to drive again.

I think there's a small tea room there as well.
Sounds better every minute doesn't it?

The other option that
 springs to mind is the National Organic
which are even nearer,
and bursting with wonderful ideas for a healthy garden
They have a really good restaurant too.

Strange how the idea of some little tooth full of refreshment never seems far from my thoughts isn't it?

Pulling myself together and thinking gardens again, 
I love the hot colours of this red crocosmia, pictured below. 
I think it's called Lucifer, 
which is a tad unfortunate though apt.
Some more hot colours put together in this planting of
pansies, and geraniums.

And last,
( because in reality Blogger is still acting up,
and I have a painting on the easel 
which might win over going out to view gardens after all),
here is a little Welsh poppy 
which seems quite happy where is has seeded itself .
Much like me really.

Wherever you find yourself this weekend,
God Bless.

P.S.  I know some of you post the most glorious macro photos of your flowers, and have more exotic plants to boot, but I hope you've enjoyed  this glimpse of  our little plot.  Do leave a comment it you've got time, because I'd love to hear from you.

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