Thursday, 14 July 2011

Green Fingers at Last

I am doing this brief post
because I need to limit my time on the laptop 
due to post -op. problems,
but wanted to keep in touch in case there is anybody out there!

Thanks to all those folk who are there,
and to those who aren't just there but who let me know they are,
Thanks a million!

During my illness I've been blessed to receive many bouquets,
and bunches of flowers,
and they've all been lovely.

I've received many pot plants too,
and I have to confess to a slight sinking of the heart at each one
because my record with keeping these lovelies alive is
not good.
Dire in fact.

But hey presto!
Something has changed.

I have African Violets that have died down
(instead of just died off!)
and then bloomed again, 
which is unheard of.

I have Cyclamen which are also coming into bud
for the second time,
and now a wonderfully flowering Begonia, 
which if truth be told
looked none too good when I received it,
but has now stopped it's habit of shedding 
cardboard coloured blooms,
and become positively glowing.
 The secret of all this success?
Judicious watering of course, -
just a little each time the compost gets to feel really dry.

However it really must be the light on my kitchen windowsill 
which is the real fixer
because each time there's the slightest signs of a plant
not being at it's best it gets a session there until all is restored 
and the job's done.
There's a lesson there somewhere.

Something about being in the light...,
but hey,
despite my opening words this post has been too long already.

Will I never learn?!

God Bless

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