Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weekend Bubbling

Finishing writing my morning journal and couldn't resist a quick drawing of the pansy prunings I'd cut yesterday 
and stuffed into various bowls and vases around the house,
one of which was sitting in front of me.

Then, because bits and pieces from the studio
have crept into all the rooms in the house,
I could reach for the quick fix Caran d'Arche crayons 
sitting on the dining room table and add some colour.
- And all whilst still in my dressing gown.

"Oh!" I thought. 
"This is one of the joys of convalescence."

Second  thought. 
"Why just convalescence?!
I'm retired for goodness sake. 
I can do what I like, 
When I like". 

Well as any retired folk will tell you,
that's the theory anyway.

Sound like a long weekend to you?

May your weekend find you hanging loose.
Doing your thing, and being re-newed.

In other words,
God Bless

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