Monday, 6 June 2011

Allo Tout le Monde!

Water coloured signature paper for the art journal "I Am A Vessel"
No, I don't know why I signed off last week and then signed back on again today in French either. 
I have been reading the excellent 
"Suite Francaise" by Irene Nemirovsky 
so perhaps that's what it is.

Any old how I'm back from my brief stay in the hospital, 
where yet again I was reassured that there are some pretty wonderful people in this world. 

There is so much that could be said about the quiet dignity and humility of the very sick,
the old, and the helpless, on the one side,
and about the dedication, care, and sheer stamina
of those who work in this great 
National Health Service 
of ours, on the other. 

Along with my own experience of this last week, 
I have a great deal to think about,
and to give thanks for.

At this moment I am supposed to be convalescing from major surgery. 

After the other similar experiences in my life you would think I'd have got the hang of it by now, but no; 
it's still as hard as ever to get the balance just right
and to even out the peaks of feeling good,
and the troughs of feeling just terrible.

Reminder to self, -
it is still not a week until tomorrow since I had surgery.

Before I was hospitalised I was working on an art journal,
(new concept for me),
and had been following an on-line class with the excellent 
Diana Trout.

The title we were working with was
"I Am  A Vessel".

As I enjoyed working on this so much, and have little else to offer you at the moment,
I thought I'd share the first completed double pages.
I'm sure you know that you can click on the image to enlarge it and take a better look
The central warning to myself that I need other people came through very forcibly
as I was working on this piece.

From an early start as a self nurturer I really do have to look out for being overly independent,
and thinking that it is all down to me. 

This last week has yet again underlined the fact that we are all interdependent.
At one time being the giver,
and at another very much reliant on the strength and generosity
of others.

I'm sure those who know me will also recognise the fact that 
I am cracked, 
but at least I've 'fessed up about it.

I will be posting as and when I can in the next few weeks, 
so thanks for your patience if you do drop by.

God Bless

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