Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Here's the latest challenge (#27) from

It was by far the most difficult I've done but really does get you hooked so that you just have to have a go.
(Don't know why the paper is reproduced as blue,
but that's the wonders of technology for you.)

The challenge was to use two given Zentangle elements and,
not liking the linear aspects of the one, I found it 
intriguing to turn it into a more fluid form.

Apart from doodling as above life has been quiet, but today,
ta- dada,
roll on the drums please,
I walked to the nearby shops and did a bit of light shopping,
so I feel recovery is underway.

Poor hubby is now on a (very) go slow due to sciatica, and some other back trouble.

It is so much more distressing to see him struggle than to struggle myself,
for a whole raft of reasons.

What with me being unable to drive yet,
and my beloved not so mobile 
we are in for some real voyages of discovery shortly. 
A bit of a challenge of another sort I guess.

Bus stop here I come.

But perhaps just not yet.

God Bless


  1. wow Hazel, I love what you did with this challenge. Very nice... Thanks for your encouraging words to me, smile

  2. Ferns bright through the windows of dex. Original, I like. (google translation)

  3. Very a vase with the ferns in it.

  4. Love how the second one bends around!!

  5. They are both great but I adore the second!

  6. WOW these just blow me away just love all the curving and flowing fantastic. XOXO Zoe