Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bees Amongst the Beans

Can you see which are real bees and which the mock bees that decorate the flowers?
If you return to this blog often 
you will have noticed how many of the simple pleasures enriching my life involve
a little toothful of sustenance 
of one sort or another.

There are all sorts of sustenance of course.
and the spiritual reality of the 

By chance my present post, and the last one, mentions the more mundane delights of
the humble sandwich.
I must digress a moment and say I hope you noticed that rather unusually that other post,
"A Cheese Sandwich and Bath Water - Yum Yum!,"
wasn't illustrated in any way.
As my subject revolved around me sitting in the bath
I thought this best 
so as to protect readers of a nervous disposition. 
But back to today.

Sitting in the beauty of our sunlit garden with hubby,
we shared a few sandwiches, olives, feta,  (a cuppa of course),
and the company of the bees who were busy amongst the broad bean flowers.

Often enough when people exclaim how lovely our garden is, 
I demure , 
seeing only what needs to be done,
or in my minds eye how it should look,
or will look, 
when my plans for it are only worked out a bit better.

Now, when I'm not yet strong enough to entertain my plans 
even as a mental exercise,
and when I've had even this small break from it, 
I see it with fresh eyes.

Yes, it is beautiful.

I wonder how often we are so busy planning
how we can improve things,
our lives,
our circumstances,
even ourselves;
and we miss the beauty of what is already here.

I hope this weekend will be a time for you to discover
some unexpected beauty very near at hand.

Don't be afraid to take a little time to see it in yourself will you?

God Bless

P.S.   I'd love to know.  Do you call broad beans something else where you come from?

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