Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just Enough Energy for This...

This is another one of those Zentangles like the "doodle" one  I did before going into hospital.

You can get the basic template from

It's good fun, and was about all I could manage to do yesterday,
though it felt a bit like I was grandma 
still doing her colourings in,
there is much more to it than that.  
I found myself thinking of all the interconnectedness
there is in the universe.
And that's a lot for my little brain!

God Bless


  1. Very fascinating. This one leads me from one point to another just to see what you've put in next. Nice work!

  2. THanks for your encouragement. Don't really know what I'm doing, but enjoying it anyway.
    Looked up your blogs and hope the fact that you stopped posting about dealing with chronic fatigue means you are making a good recovery. x x

  3. Lovely Hazel, isn't it wonderful how zentangle can help us find calm in a storm and connect us all together as well.

  4. Hi Joni
    I found the two I've done just seemed to do themselves. Definitely addictive I would say. Looked up your blog and love the idea of using colour. Without knowing a thing about the origins, etc. I feel there is something akin to the ancient Celtic arts in this. Being Welsh as I am may help?!