Friday, 17 June 2011

Looking Into the Heart

Looking at some of the petunias  in the
hanging baskets around
our place,
I was struck at how
beautiful the colours
at the centre of them are.

No wonder the insects are
inexorably drawn to the 
sweetness at the centre,
in the very heart 
of the flower.

If, as my zentangle yesterday illustrated, 
it's the root from which the branches and the fruit and flowers grow,
then it's surely from the heart,
  that place that has so long been seen as
the centre of our true identity, and essential being,
 that all that we are, and do proceeds.
To paraphraseProverbs 3:27,
"as a man or woman thinks in their heart, so they are.

Sometimes we may get an unexpected peep at 
the real motives of our hearts which have previously been unknown to us,
and well,
we may not like what we see
too much.

In reality this is when we can be encouraged
for we never see what we aren't ready to deal with,
and can know that
just humbly acknowledging
what we see, 
and wanting something different,
can be the starting point
for that difference to begin.
Christians call this movement towards light, and truth,
and change in the heart,
I've also heard it given the lovely Hebrew name  
which I believe means "return,"
meaning that we are turning back to God 
so that sin, evil,
and all the things which have the ability
to hide the real "us"
are being changed by
the spark of God 
being renewed in our hearts.
God Bless

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