Saturday, 25 June 2011

After the Storm

Wandering round my rain battered garden this morning
and  realising how it kind of reflects the last few weeks for me.
After a scary time in the recovery room I have been so weakened 
that at  times I wondered 
if  I was ever going to make the grade again.
 Then my hubby, 
who is usually my rock and mainstay,
almost straight away got back trouble that left him
pretty incapacitated as well.

Just two old farts together really!
(still unable to drive),
yesterday my youngest granddaughter escorted me by bus to the supermarket,
from which we returned triumphant,
with a wheelie suitcase full of foodstuff.
(We do like to get our prirorities right)!

Today the painkillers are working for hubby, 
and he has a lift to the chiropractor.
(Thank you John).
Go to and click on "Design" to see a lovely piece of art that reminds me of this.
The weather  forecast suggests a heat wave.
Things could very well be set fair from here on in.

God Bless

P.S.  Hubby is watching Wimbledon as I write. 
Sharopova is a great girl, but does anybody else want to smack her legs for keeping up that wounded gibbon shrieking?!  If other folks can, and have played great tennis with a buttoned lip, why can't she!    Sorry for the rant.  Perhaps a little venting does help!

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  1. Very beautiful flowers with many waterdrops. Very intersesting story,I enjoyed very much.