Sunday, 13 November 2011

Never too Late to Learn + Couple of Important Lines Added

My dear hubby came home just 24 hours after his operation. 
Too soon really but in any event 
praise God, he appears to be making a good recovery.

It is strange that for the first time I am the carer
and he,
(the extrovert who finds it hard to survive without people, talk and activity),
is the one having to stay
just a little bit aside from the action.

Not an easy place to be for either of us.
  There are lessons we both have to learn.
An "interesting" time!

After almost 50 years of marriage
we are still testing each other.

Having our spats. 
Trying to make ourselves heard.
Attempting to really listen.
Getting exasperated.
Giving each other a hug.
Seeing the funny side.

Exercising patience.
Re-acting quicker.
Offering new gestures of gentleness.
Exploring unaccustomed toughness.
Giving space to each other
whilst remaining one flesh.

Unbelievably even as I typed those words I had to leap up
and stop him trying to pull a large lounge chair 
across the room, thus breaking all the taboos
for somebody who has had his type of surgery
just 5 days ago.

It may not always seem the case but how good that 
opposites do attract!

God Bless

P.S.   After  posting this I realised what it was about our relationship that I really wanted to say, and just two lines seemed to say it. 
I wonder can you spot the added  ones, and if they are the ones which you find think most helpful in your relationship if you have a life partner.
Maybe your needs and way of making things work are totally different?

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