Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Keeping Fit My Way

You may not be familiar with the articles on the left.

They are a pair of anti embolism socks, and they are issued  when you have surgery here in the U.K.

You put these on before surgery,
and have an anticoagulant injection
every day you are in hospital 
after your operation and keep the stockings on for some ten days.

  This is to reduce the risk of
developing deep vein thrombosis.

All well and good,
but to be effective these stockings have to fit
closer than a second skin
and are very difficult to get on.

A handy hint from the hospital 
is to slide them on over a plastic bag 
and then remove the plastic bag
through the open hole under the foot.

Sound simple?

Today, because hubby can't shower or get into a bath post op.
because the wound in his back has to be kept dry,
in addition to his usual ablutions we thought 
it would feel refreshing to let his feet have a nice soak
in a bowl of water, so off came the socks.

Along with the other restrictions
he isn't supposed to bend, twist, or reach too much,
so of course I had to put the socks back on him.

Although we used the plastic bag trick I would say that,
even though I don't have much experience wrestling pigs,
getting those socks back on him was something along those lines.

By the time I got them back on him I not only felt
as though I'd wrestled a pig,
but that the pig had won!

Still, hubby's a nice clean boy now, 
and I don't need to go to the gym!

If you want a blast from the past try this video of Olivia Newton John singing
"Let's Get Physical"
with positively no pig wrestling involved.

God Bless

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