Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire Night

Tonight is Bonfire Night 
but we are tucked up by the fireside as befits us
as things are at the moment.

On Monday we will know 
if is there is a hospital bed available
for hubby's operation to ease the trapped nerve in his back, 
so we are cozying up together and taking things easy.

To be more accurate
I'm trying to make him take things a bit easier
and rest up in preparation.

Outside we can hear the crackle and bang of fireworks,
and though as a child I was frightened of it all, 
I must admit that I would love to be at a bonfire party
"oohing" and "aahing",
and sharing baked potato snacks and ginger parkin. 

Oh well, perhaps next year.

There may be no fireworks in my garden tonight
but there are the reds and golds of the leaves,
and this little mock Catherine wheel
at the heart of an iris
which seems to have lost track of what time of year it is.

Have a weekend full of colour, warmth,
and rest, ready for next week.

God Bless

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