Friday, 27 May 2011

One of Those Times..

 Yesterday was one of those strange days which began 
as a scramble to get to the doctor for an urgent appointment
to get a slight ear infection cleared up before I go in to the hospital for surgery on Tuesday.

 Later to the hospital with my daughter 
who needed an ultrasound examination,
and is now a-waiting an MRI scan because the ultrasound 
didn't find anything out.

On the way there the heavens had opened and I'd switched 
on my headlights. 
Arriving back at the car I found that I hadn't switched them off again when I'd parked up,
so the battery was flat. 
Yes, that's me "Brain of Britain (failed)"!

Then another item entered this little scenario
when my daughter got a message to say that her daughter, 
(my eldest granddaughter), 
was at A&E at the same hospital,
being admitted with a suspected kidney infection.
Now on a drip and feeling very ill, 
she was anxious that we go to the nursery school 
to pick up her little son Zachary, who is three and a half.

It's at that stage that I went in search of,
and found,
a ministering angel.
No!  Not that one!
Mine came in the rugged form of a security car park attendant
who exuded calm common sense, 
and held up the traffic in the hectic car park, 
then gave me a push so that the engine was jump started. 

My granddaughter is still very weak,
and we are uncertain what the diagnosis is at present but there seems to be possibility of surgery for her 
as well as for me in the coming days.

Zachary is staying with my daughter and son-in-law
and my youngest granddaughter who is home from Uni,
and seems over his initial upset, 
and getting to grips with Mummy's absence.

It's one of those times we all have to go through
when we bounce, (or reel), 
from one thing to another, 
but what I want you to notice with me,
is that when we are up against it from somewhere,
an angel appears. 
And yes, I do know that the guy at the hospital 
was just doing his job. 
It was how he did it that was the gift.

Over and over again when I've come to the end of my tether somebody, something turns up. 
I wonder how many of us have
"entertained angels unawares"? Heb13:2 
They don't all come with wings and hover a few feet above the ground! 

Perhaps we've even been angels to other people ourselves
and never even known it.
What an exciting world of possibilities it is.

God Bless

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