Saturday, 21 May 2011

Colour! (cont'd) and a Bit About Art.

No, this still isn't the the mini exploration of representational,
as opposed to abstract, (or even conceptual art),
that I mean to tackle.
This is still more about the colour around us that excites,
and stimulates.

Above you see an exciting blending of amazing colour,
(trust me on this, - yes it is)!

For me it's exciting on two counts.
Not only has it these marvellous subtle colours,
but this is the first and only Sant Pauli
a I have managed to keep alive,
and look!

it's blooming again!

I realise you may not be as excited as I am about my budding (sorry
) horticultural prowess,
so to get a bit more into the pure colour look at these colour blends and contrasts.

It doesn't matter if they are
out of focus. This is about the COLOUR.

(Just checked out a view of the photos on the post and they don't
come up as vibrantly as I wanted, so my recommendation is go and find a vibrantly colourful plant of your own somewhere and just LOOK.
Some countries are so blessed with wonderful and exo
tic plants you may wonder why this Britisher is so knocked out by this anyhow).

As it is, looking at these little chips of colour doesn't just make me wonder why folks just don't "get" abstraction in art,
but also reminds me of Jeff Koons "Puppy" outside Bilboa Guggenheim.

Now that's a case of REAL horticultural art.

I've got a photo I took of it somewhere in the files.
I,'ll dig it out and post it next time,
as this mammoth piece of art is delicious,
and worth you seeing.
As for now I'm sitting here in my dressing gown
and it's Sat. morning when I
should be doing other things.
I'll really have to learn to curb my enthusiasms!
-Especially as I'm not sure if any body else shares them. (?)

P.S.Found my photo to upload

At least I got some colour
in the post at the last!

God Bless

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