Sunday, 22 May 2011


I'm sorry that yesterday's post probably didn't make much sense, given that the colours I wanted to share didn't transfer to the screen at all well.

I once went to an art history lecture where the constant refrain by the lecturer was,
" This isn't the best slide to illustrate what I want to show you but I've left the right one at home".

It irritated me no end, so I know how you must have felt if you read the post;
- and if you did read it and still came back,
I can only say
thank you for your patience.

I get so thrilled by things that I want others to see them too, but I promise to count to ten,
and make fairly sure I can get my enthusiams across,
before I set fingers to laptop in future.

Hope you had some beautiful colour of your own
in your day,
and that even better,
you found somebody to share your joy with you.

God Bless

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