Friday, 20 May 2011


This isn't the post it was meant to be
but I couldn't resist sharing these colours with you.They are quite subtle so I hope you can see them via camera and the web.

If you read this blog at all regularly you will know
how I hate to throw away any prunings from the garden
when they might conceivably fit into any sort of receptacle for the house.
(see "Learning How to Feel Easy Wasting Time").

These lovely wine coloured leaves were some prunings
which were simply too lovely to go in the compost
so here they are as a perfect foil to a few alstroemeria.

I hope you can you see how the delicate petals carry the same burgundy colour, flushing to deep pink, at their hearts?
Not a great floral arrangement, but one that gladdens my heart.

Put down in front of one of my paintings,
with a chubby burgundy candle which was a gift from my daughter,
it draws together the essence of so much I love.

So no, this isn't the post I meant to write about
"now you see it and now you don't" ,
exploring the difference between a distinct image of something in art.
i.e. "seeing" the world faithfully represented in such detail
that we know what the artist was looking at,
faithfully recording,
and wanting us to see,
- and abstract art that can be colour, (or not),
and shape, and movement,
that leave us to work it out, (or not),
for ourselves.

Sometimes the colour alone speaks if only we can give ourselves time
to stop, look, and listen to what it says,
uniquely to us,
in this moment.

God Bless

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