Friday, 31 October 2014

A Halloween Kind of Moment

I had a busy day yesterday and I was pretty tired by the time
I remembered I had some letters I needed to get posted.

I just had time to get them to the post box before the last mail collection of the day,
so I huffed my way up to the top of the hill where the post box sits,
 and thankfully sent my little bundle of  envelopes safely on their way.

Having got myself up the hill,
tired as I was,
 and even though the day had reached that strange pre-dusk light we get in this country,
 I couldn't resist dipping down the other side of the hill into the park for a visit.

It made me smile that, it being half term,
  there were still parents and children, and the usual dog walkers
enjoying this lovely space as much as I do,
though there were signs most were heading off home.

I found a bench to sit a moment and rest my legs,
 realising I was more tired than I thought.

Of course the moment stretched.
 I let the peace of the quiet green sink into me.

Rousing myself at last I followed a favourite path to loop back to my starting point
and towards home.

A niggling thought suggested this wasn't the wisest move
 as the light had faded quickly and a heavier dusk lay on the quiet path.

Recent reports of happenings in the park which I'd disregarded came to mind,
and I found myself hastening my steps.

Lifting my eyes to strain ahead to where the entrance of the park would appear,
I saw that as the details of my unlit path were being swallowed up by the receding light,
 the golden trees on each side were assuming a flaming incandescence.

In the gathering gloom they flamed like beacons
lit by some deep inner fire.
Strangely, the dying light made them stand out more boldly.

How can they glow so brightly in such fading light?

However it happens,
 their beauty stood sentinel over my path homewards, lifting my heart.


This evening there will be lots of halloween parties,
and trick or treating.
 Lots of ghost stories and fun.

It being the beautiful season of All Hallows, or All Saints Eve,
I will be concentrating on the light of the season rather than the darkness,
and would like to encourage you,
 as the trees encouraged me,
 to be more aware of the light within,
than the fear of darkness.

I make no apology for posting this video again.
I just love to sing it!
Hope you will join in the chorus too.

It's Luka  Bloom singing Don't Be Afraid of the Light Within You

The light shines in the dark, and the dark has never extinguished it.
John 1:5

However you spend the weekend

Be Blessed


  1. Hazel, you are really hitting the mark these days. This also speaks to a struggle I've been having recently and is a message from God directly to me. Blessings on this All Souls' Day! Thank you for letting the light that shines within you reach out to us.

    1. "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good" as we say Lynda.

      Hope the studies are going well. x.