Friday, 24 October 2014

Piercing the Gloom

It is one of those dark, dull, dank days here in Coventry.
A greyness settled over everything, and lowering skies.

Even so there is enough light from somewhere
 to shine through some of the leaves in the garden 
and my eyes are drawn to them.

They stand out against the gloom,
 illumined splashes of colour and light.

Watching the news from all over the world our eyes and hearts can become loaded,
over- loaded even ,
with the darkness of fear and sorrow.

At the same time as we are
 moved to feel the burden of our common humanity
we can discern, and give thanks for the acts of heroism
also being played out before our eyes.

Yesterday there was the ambulance teams in Liberia, 
 who are daily putting themselves at risk,
 shown collecting a comatose Ebola victim from her home.

The Sergeant at Arms in Ottawa who acted with un-thinking bravery
on a day he probably never expected to draw his gun.

The social worker who repeatedly
 drew attention to the abuse of children until her voice was heard . . .

In day to day life  this side of the television screen I see mothers,
 (so often on their own),
struggling against all the odds to give their children a good foundation in life.

Dads working long hours in difficult work situations to provide as best they can.

Elderly couples supporting each other with tender fastidiousness
 through mental or physical sickness
until the very last of their own strength is spent.

At the other end of the scale,
young people  are caring for sick or struggling parents
as their own childhoods slip away.

So much light being poured into dark places
it's a wonder we are not dazzled,
but strangely it is the darkness that often blinds us to the good, 
but not the light that helps us see.

This weekend
 may we be granted the grace not only to be more aware of the light all around us, 
but to discover,
and celebrate,
the light within ourselves,

Be Blessed


  1. Hazel, another beautiful and inspiring post. There is so much good in the world and yet we focus on the darkness - much like what happened when Jesus walked the earth. Blessings and prayers for you and your family.

  2. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep our hearts centred in, and on, the light. I confess I have to keep relying on the Lord to keep bringing me back Lynda. Love and Blessings. x