Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sleeping Like a Dormouse. - Or Not...

All my life I've slept in the foetal position.

Curled up defensively like a dormouse on it's side,
my body curved around itself,
my arms cuddling me to sleep,
 sealing the package.

This morning I woke to a strange thought forming 
as I swam up out of sleep.

How much better would it be to sleep,
body stretching to it's length in the bed,
recumbent, yet poised.
A diver launching into the mystery of dreams,
there to play like an otter,
twisting and turning with the flow;
Looking, learning, playing,
to emerge at morning's shore line
 refreshed and full of hope. 

Rolling over,
 I skated my pointed toes down along the warm sheets
to curl around an imaginary board's edge.
 and lifted my arms in the classic diver's pose above my head.
Body open, extended, expectant.

 photo;-  www.swimminglessons.com sg

No, of course it didn't work.
The bed too short.
The wall too close.
But something lingered
 to challenge me in my fully wakened state.

Was my dormouse body telling me
 I enter sleep more guardedly than I spend my days.

Perhaps I need to learn to be
vulnerable, and open, and trusting
  in these night hours when
 my consciousness slips,
 free to dream,
 in that deeper stream away from my own direction.

I can't help feeling there is a sweet promise in the waking whisper
strange as it seems.

Be Blessed

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