Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sleeping Like a Dormouse , - Or Not... P.S.

I admit I sometimes click to "publish" too quickly,
and this was one of these times.

A song was going through my mind as I woke to the thoughts I described in the blog
Sleeping Like a Dormouse , - Or Not.

It was the chorus of a simple children's chorus we sing in church sometimes.
After each verse describing the grandeur of creation the chorus goes,
"Your love for me stretches farther than far.
I can't imagine just how great your are.
Just how great you are!"

So the background for this sense of confident relaxing into safe, refreshing sleep.
 was this knowledge of being loved farther than we can ever imagine;
held in, and by a love,
 infinite, and infinitely knowing.

Now, I know sleep, and the dark of night, can hold a seeming infinitey of it's own.

Perhaps sleep will not come,
or we waken again and again.
 Too soon for our busy lives.
Too soon for our fizzing thoughts to settle.

Maybe it is the content of our dreams which disturbs us.
We wake trying to fight ourselvers awake and away from them.

Sometimes we can wrest a meaning out of them.
 Another time they simply leave us baffled and disturbed.

If you are in that place there are many sources on the wonderful world wide web
where meanings to your dreams are offered.
Maybe you can seek them out for help.

There are ancient prayers to settle us for sleep,
or calm us on our waking.
(Tap in night prayers to find prayers of many faith traditions,)

But, goodness you know how to use the net!

I come just to offer you those child- like words,
you are loved "farther than far",
and to pray you the grace to trust in that each night,
in sleep or wakefulness.

Take them to bed with you and roll them round your mind.

Your love For Me Stretches
Farther than far.
I can't imagine just how great you are,
Just how great you are.

Be Blessed

P.p.s.  They aren't bad words for the day time either!


  1. Very comforting post and comforting chorus as well. Yes, at times with so much on my mind when I slip into bed I just ask Jesus to wrap his arms around me as I go to sleep. That is my comfort! Blessings and peace to you and your family Hazel.

  2. It:s the fact that we've put the clocks back an hour that messing with my rest at the moment Lynda. My body clock stubbornly hangs on to our former time frame.

    Thanks as ever for your encouraging words. Blessings and love. x