Sunday, 9 November 2014

Remembrance Day - Will We Remember?

Photograph: Massimo Crisafi/GuardianWitness

This is the iconic art installation
 where each ceramic poppy planted at the Tower of London 
honours a life lost by service men and women
 of Britain and the Commonwealth during WW1.

Huge as it is,
 it is a drop in the ocean of all lives lost fighting in conflicts since;
and this only under one flag.

Remember the dead of every nation,
then and now,
and those who had not signed up for war,
too vast to count.

As we left the chutch this morning
 the opening words of the dismissal from the Eucharist
held deeper meaning, hope, and direction, for each of us today
as they tell us,
Go in Peace...


  1. Hazel, this Remembrance Day held much significance in Canada as the two soldiers were killed on Canadian soil such a short time ago. At the University of Toronto attendance was high at the outdoor service as we remembered and prayed for peace. It is a global concern and I believe strongly that until we respect all people and distribute goods fairly to all people, there will be no peace. It is a spiritual problem for which conversion of heart is the solution. We humans need God to intervene in our lives and in our world but we need to be open for that to happen. So much sadness due to war. Thank you for posting on Remembrance Day. Blessings and prayers for world peace.

  2. Lydia, you bring to mind a conversation I had with my late father many years ago when he, talking politics, urged me to tell him which system or party I felt could do the most good in office, and I could only say what you have said. Until the heart changes within us, (something we cannot do without God), we can look to nothing to affect real change.

    I was surprised that although he apparently had no time for faith, he congratulated me on my answer!