Sunday, 3 March 2013

Normal Service Anybody?

Do you remember the
 "Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible" 

 For anybody too young,
or not au fait with BBC history, 
I should explain that in 
the early days of television 
there were often 
technical hitches.  

To cover the breaks in transmission there were 
film loops of a potter's wheel,
 a turning windmill, 
or some such soothing stuff.

 I wonder what today's sophisticated audiences would make of them?

Perhaps a few meditative breaks in transmission would do us all good
though I assume we would merely resort to our ex- boxes,
 i-pods or pads,
 and other modern wizardry.
A pity really.

 Despite the fact they were rather grainy black and white images
those fillers are remembered with affection.

My favourite was the potter's wheel.
I found it quite mesmeric,
 though I don't believe we ever got shown the finished pot. 

 Should anybody have missed me during my own short gap in transmission
I am sending this post from hubby's PC,
offering the fluffy clouds as a fill in for anything more interesting until 
normal service (whatever that is),
 can be resumed. 

It seems the whingeing post I sent last was a prelude 
to both myself and my laptop gaining a virus apiece 
so at least I have some sort of an excuse for having  a moan about how I felt then.

One lovely thing to come out of feeling poorly 
is my niece making the journey from London to here this weekend
when I didn't feel up to making the promised trip down to stay with her.
Thank you Kate. x

I am on the mend I hope,
whereas my laptop languishes in sick bay still.

Hope you are all o.k. out there.

Be Blessed.


  1. Great to have you back Hazel !!

  2. Thanks Phil.

    Also thanks for your come back to my comments on your Catholic Reformation post.

    You always manage to touch a nerve, (or should that be hit the right note?) and get me going!

    love x

  3. Likewise Hazel. We are connected !!

  4. Hi Phil,

    ,Been catching up on your blog since I got my laptop back. It's been back to the doc for 2 days this week and I don't know how you managed when you were off line so long.

    really sorry to see you had a flare up of your athritus. Hope you are easier now.

    love and healing blessings,