Friday, 15 March 2013

I Will Lift Up My Eyes...

I have come across a delicious blog called 

If you click on the link you will see the most beautiful images,
along with inspiring words,
 and lovely moments,
collated from one woman's life. 

When Jacqueline,( the author of the blog) writes,
even when it is about exhaustion, 
the words are beautiful;
and true.

We may not all have the gift of expressing or recording
 the splashes of beauty which light our way
 as exquisitely as Jacqueline,
or as Susan, who posts on
but we can all
 mark the moments for ourselves,
rejoicing in them,
and sharing as we are able.

Who knows but in our own small way we might contribute to that 
"beauty (which) will save the world"
to which Dostoevsky alluded.

At the very least we will help keep ourselves sane,
and perhaps light the way for somebody else.

May you have a beauty filled weekend.

Be Blessed


  1. Thank you for introducing us to that beautiful blog and thank you for the link to mine. Blessings for a peace-filled weekend.

  2. Hi hazel.
    How you doon? Ive just been thru a hurricane which i will try andwrite up on my blog. If you could let me have youremail address id be more than happy so i can write properly. God bless

  3. looking forward to hearing from you Annie. x