Monday, 4 March 2013

Judge Not

Sometimes I feel all cool and calm and able.
Sort of  poised and serene. 
At times like these I find myself quite pleasant company.

Let me put that another way. 

This is when I can actually feel quite pleased with myself.
Could border on being smug.

At other times I feel hot and bothered.
Things seem too much for me.
I'm ready to erupt over the smallest thing.
Ready to snap:
as in "snap your head off", 
or "I'm falling apart.".

This is when I can seriously go off myself.

Still, I can cheer myself up with the thought
 I am still a work in progress,
and feelings about myself can be miss-leading.

Better not to stand in judgement on myself today then. 

Be Blessed


  1. So easy to be misled by our feelings. The flowers are so pretty.

    1. Thanks Susan,

      I just do my best while your camera lens produces magic! x