Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The (More Than) Personal Revolution

Image courtesy of How Stuff Works

Prior to hubby buying me my first PC I was a confirmed Luddite.

At the time I was studying:
 writing essays, personal studies, and finally a dissertation, 
so I appreciated what a useful gift I'd been given.

Even so I was certain I wouldn't ever really 
get into the technical revolution with any enthusiasm.

Then as I beavered away I marveled at the ease with which I could do research, 
source images, 
then insert and wrap them in text, 
so that the layout was attractively presented
 and the work easy to read and assimilate.

  The blessings of the spell check go without saying!
 though it was prone to revert to spellings from across the pond.

Looking at the pages in print, 
I remembered the books and comics of my childhood.
 Then, the colour range of print was pretty limited, 
and due to the war effort, paper quality poor. 
In comparison what was rolling off my own printer was slickly presented 
and the reproductions of art work full of true, vibrant, colour.

Even the magazines of my teenage years had been nothing like this quality.

Still, as my appreciation grew
 I could not have imagined how much a part of my everyday life 
this technology was to become.

I'd never have believed I would practically pine when my laptop 
had yet another time in sick bay
and I could no longer just hoist it onto my lap at a moment's notice 
click into being the answer to some query or other.

You know the sort of thing.
(While watching a film),
What is this actor's name?
Gosh he's still alive.  
Could have sworn I'd heard he was no longer with us.
I wonder where this was shot? 
Looks like that place we went to in Italy.
Oh!  would you believe it's Croatia!
And so on... 

Not really important stuff ,
but life enhancing when you think how many arguments,
ahem, sorry conversations
can be sorted this way.

Also of course there is the extreme inconvenience,
(I am being sarcastic here),
of having to come up to the study and use hubby's PC,
(my old one),
to keep up with emails, Facebook,
(I have shamelessness of the addict),
and occasionally when himself is away from the desk for long enough,
 to write my blog.

Yes, there has been a technological revolution,
not least in my own way of life.
Who knows where it will lead? 
Not sure I want to be involved.
But then I've said that before...

Be Blessed

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