Thursday, 21 February 2013

Get Thee to a Nunnery (Yes Please!)

I am feeling quite tired at the moment.
I long for an uninterrupted day when I can be 
in silence,
 and rested.

A day when I have a stretch of time ahead to pull out my new inks,
 (yes, I did buy some after all),
 a gelatin plate,
 and just BE with what is a new medium to me!

I long for a holiday,
 (however short),
 with a pile of books and a sketch book
in a quiet spot with no on tap "entertainment" to sit through.

I'm sure many of you feel much the same with much more reason than I do,
 it's just that when you are retired you imagine
 this is going to be your time
 to BE yourself a little.

Problem  is the necessary energy is always being spent.
On keeping the domestic wheels turning.
 On being chauffeur.
On "going out" when I'd rather stay in.
On simply "BEing there" for others when needed.

If you have not already guessed 
this is the lament of an introvert,
married to an extrovert.
Terribly good for me in many ways,
but so darned

Thank you for listening.

You may take me to task if you wish but it's just 
nice to get it off my chest!

Now I'm going to lie down!




  1. Hi Hazie,
    I seem to have lost your email address, be good to get it again.
    I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL, tho I cant blame hubby, he's no extavert. Its my own program , plus visit doctor, dentist, paint something for a neighbour, do emails, posts, I have found that LIFE takes up a lot of time. I think when older, things take longer to do, decisions take longer to make, what I can leave till tomoro I do, and I ask myself, "does this really have to be done "NOW"?? That being said, I've made no big decisions what to do re this year, but just settle in and see what God has planned for me. Priorities need establishing ie. 1. Time with Him, 2. Relationships. I think after that things arent really essential, so why stress ou t over them. 3. mustnt leave this out..TIME for myself to be creative.!!4. Learn to say no, not right now but maybe later.Lotsa love, Annie

    1. Hi Annie

      Sorry so late getting back to you. Laptop has been playing up.

      You seem to have got your sights set on the right priorities for retirement. I think I just let mine evolve! Typical of me.

      Living at close proximity 24/7 with somebody who is a totally different personality takes continual adjustment, - even when you love that person and have chosen to spend your life with them.

      I probably don't need to say this but whatever you do don't let your creativity get squeezed out.

      Love and blessings,H. x