Monday, 4 February 2013

House Work's Hidden Treasure

Photograph:- Wolfgang Lonien
Gathering the washing in off the line today
 I noticed a couple of the bathroom towels 
were fraying out on the edges.
They were as good, thick, and fluffy as ever apart from this,
 so I threaded up the sewing machine 
and began re-hemming them.

To my surprise hubby asked me why I was bothering;
after all new towels wouldn't break the bank, 
and don't I have enough to do?

Now I count myself blessed to have time to do these little jobs
while so many of my sister home makers are 
struggling to hold down jobs,
care for family and home;
constantly struggling to keep too many balls in the air. 
I think of them every day as I go around my own home,
 while the routine of  my housework 
allows me time to think, 
to pray, to ponder.

As one friend once said to me,
"If ever I want time to myself I head to the kitchen and do the washing up.
I can guarantee nobody will join me until I've just about finished!"
I guess that goes for most of the chores as well.

Hubby's words made me wonder though,
am I a dinosaur to be mending towels?


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  1. I mended a sheet last week so I don't think you are a dinosaur at all!

    1. As your by-line is "In the midst of quietness", I know you understand what I was trying to say about the meditative side of these ordinary housewifely jobs.
      AS I savour these quiet things I like to hold in my heart those known to me who are under pressure every day.
      Bet you do the same! x

  2. Hi Hazie,
    You can do what you like. It therapy getting on the machine and mending something. If you need towels, just tell relies they can give them to you for Xmas!!i havent had a new towel for decades. I have no room to store them anyway and I dont have the heart to throw any out, theyre all "useful". I'm enjoying retirement so far. 4th day today .Its 38 degrees(100 far.) outside and Im doing my emails in a cool house that has ducted airconditioning and a ceiling fan. woohoo. Still mess around but theres plenty of time when its cooler to sort it.

    1. Hi Annie!
      I can't believe your retirement has really come around.
      All I can say is look out world, 'cos there'll be no holding you now.- And of course there will be (theoretcally),more time for you to enjoy your lovely grandchildren.
      I look forward to hearing about your projects because I foresee there will be many!
      Lots of love, x

  3. Hi Hazel,
    Part of the problem in our society is that we throw everything away. I patched a sheet a couple of years ago and when my daughter found out she bought me a new set of sheets for Christmas. I love the new ones but she doesn't know that I still use the patched ones as well!