Saturday, 20 March 2010

Why "Wonder in a Nut Shell"?

As I began to work on this my first ever blog page, the line went down for the first time for years, I lost what I'd prepared, and was off line for most of the day. I must say that this set me to wondering in a whole different way than I intended but underlined for me that part of the reason I need the "little moments of wonder" so much is because we are on a journey through life that has just as many questions as answers. Perhaps that is why life is truly so full of wonder in both senses of the word. Anyway here I am many hours later, tired and woolly headed but determined not to let the unexpected jinx put me off.

In this blog I want to share some of those day to day little moments of wonder that help keep my boat afloat. There are so many things that lift my spirits, or shine a beam of truth where I need it most. They seem to come kernel sweet yet deeply sustaining, and as my name is Hazel, a nutshell of wonder seemed quite apt. Of course there's also the hope that I might be able to keep it short!
What I've been thinking about today is another day very much like this one in as much as there was a little occasional sun, but mostly rain setting in as the day went on. Sitting in the dining room over a cup of coffee I caught sight of what looked like a scattering of silver coins over the stones of the patio. Walking to the window to get a closer look it became evident that what I was seeing was merely the first drops of a rainstorm lit by the early sun. Pretty, but soon lost in the increasing downpour.
Later, taking advantage of a dry spell I took some rubbish out to the bin and spotted something glinting amongst the dark wet earth in the flower border alongside the path. I expected it to be a piece of gold toffee wrapper that had blown into the garden and bent to pick it up. Surprisingly as I tried to grasp the bit of "gold" my fingers closed on nothing other than cold wet soil, yet the spot still shone brightly. This time I had been fooled by the afternoon sun shining through a knot hole in the fence.
In one day I'd had silver and gold delivered to my door and neither of them had been the" real" thing. Of course I 'd never expected them to be. Or had I? Truth to tell, for just one nanosecond before common sense had kicked in some part of me had quickened with excitement and anticipation at what just might have been. (You must know that "Wow" that comes up unbidden at the first flake of snow) .It's this hidden child in each one of us that never quite ceases to expect the magical and wondrous.
It,s possible for life's disappointments and traumas to persuade us that we would surely be better off to stop hoping or dreaming. All the more wonderful then when we get caught out by something as simple as sun shining on raindrops or onto a patch of wet dirt.

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