Monday, 22 March 2010

Back to the Rain

I have decided to be more goal oriented in order to achieve more from the days when the energy is flowing, so last night I made a list of things I want to get done this week.
Today started well with sun and a brisk breeze. There was a walk in the park, and the satisfaction of a full clothes line doing it's pirate-galleon-in-full-sail dance alongside the garden path.
I was on target to do a little pruning or re-potting for the first time this year, when here comes the rain that the forecast had promised for tomorrow. So, over to plan B and that long a-waited tidy of the studio so that I could make an organised work space (yet again!) Well, just any space at all if I'm honest.
However there was a sketch book in the magazine rack next to the chair where I drink my tea, and I ended doing an unscheduled watercolour sketch of some of the lovely mother's day freesias that still scent the living room. Then there was lunch, and catching up with mail and bills, and the afternoon's gone. This means that I can retire to my artist's garret to start the tidy up this evening, or shift that to a later time this week, (i.e. put it off again), or succumb to a mix of evening T
.V and a good book. Uum! hard choice.
O well I have hit some of the targets. Well, one of them. The washing got done.
In addition, as I painted them I got to really "see" the beauty of the flowers my daughter has given me.

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