Saturday, 27 March 2010

Making a Start

Going public with the chaos in my studio space has had the desired effect and I can report that a start on the clearing up has been made.
I had not foreseen that another effect of opening the door on what has previously been quite a private place has been to make me see it through new eyes. Consequently this has made me question the what, and why, and how, of doing what I do as I come across things I'd almost forgotten.
One of the things I've re-discovered is this collection of some of the shells I love. It was languishing in a corner, and has had promotion to our living space, at least for the time being.
Looking at it now
I still marvel at the richness of texture and colour in these tiny natural things. They are the things we all enjoy looking for as we ferret about on the beach. Beautiful mini-sculptures formed by the elements.
Taking them out of their natural environment enables us to see them afresh, and the smallness
of the "rooms" I've put them in encourage us to become children again as we peep inside. (To give you an idea of their size, when I was putting this together I had to position some of the shells with tweezers). The drawer at the bottom opens to reveal more little shells and continues the sense of looking for secrets.
My purpose is partly to re-awaken our delight in small things and take a step out of our seriously grown up world. Essentially I'm playing. But playing on your own is only half the fun, which is why the collection has found it's way out of the attic at last.

Thank you for calling by.

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  1. I remember placing some twisted hazel twigs in a vase in my house. They pleased my eye greatly. An elderly relative came into the room and asked 'Why you got those tatty sticks in the 'ouse?' Oh well, beauty has many faces.
    I'm liking your sense of fun.
    Andrea xx