Friday, 28 June 2013

More of the Same, but Indooors

I think things are getting back to normal re. my strength and energy levels
 as this morning I went for a foray around the ground floor with my friend Henry.
Despite his look of coy invitation,
it is over a month since my home received Henry's ministrations.
Hubby had offered his services
 but our floors hadn't reached a sufficient level of crunchiness to risk
putting his "that'll do" attitude to cleaning,
versus my pernicketyness,
 to the test.
I admit that as my energy levels have risen this week
 Henry has not been my first port of call.
First dibs on my energy went on two oil paintings I re-started.
Here's one that still has quite a way to go.

Strange I should think of vacuuming ,
and not going into the studio and picking up my brushes.
 "getting back to normal",
Well, not so strange when you think of the strict housewifely rules
which were integral to so much of my growing up. 
Perhaps I really am learning to "accept the chaos"
 (mentioned in the post My Father is the Gardener)
 in ever more ways.
It would be great if a decrease in my pernickety inner ctritic
 could mean an increase in the acceptance of myself and others.
Maybe an increase in such tolerance might even lead
 to an increase in internal or physical energy...?
We all have
 this critical voice,
 so internalised ,
we have long accepted it's demands as our own.
I pray this weekend you will find new freedom to
silence any such harrying voice,
and to hear,
 and make your own,
 the sweet acceptance of all you are;
messy bits and all.
It's no good looking at me like that Henry,
I don't know when you're coming out again.


  1. Choices choices !! My attitude to domestic duties has improved since I retired but it does not come naturally to me at all and the cleaning always gets in the way of "other things." I really enjoyed this post and the fact that you managed to achieve both tasks is awesome !! Glad to hear you are feeling better too. Blessings :-)))

    1. I picked up my brushes days before poor old Henry came out for his pas de deux Phil! The day he did was his alone! - but then I could recline in righteous glory.

      I am SO enjoying, (learning, being challenged by) Blue Ennis (nothing new there!) but am reading and re-reading as time allows, and struggling to keep up with my comments of appreciation as a result. If you don't hear from me take it I'm still here, and will get back to you when I can contain myself no further. - You are keeping me busy!

      Love and Blessings.

    2. That was I was referring to not Blue Ennis of course!

      Great stuff.

  2. Hazel, what a delightful post. I'm so glad that you are feeling more energetic. And of course, you would pick up your paint brushes before the vacuum for you needed that energy for your soul that painting brings. Blessings.

    1. Lynda.

      As ever your voice reflects the spacious, gracious, love of the Father in whom we live, and move, and have our being.

      Gratitude and Blessing. x

  3. Good to hear you're on the upswing and that you chose your artwork. Henry will undoubtedly be waiting when it's his turn.