Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Father is the Gardener

 This year, after a late start,
 I am overwhelmed by the lushness of the garden.

More than ever
 I am aware of the layers of foliage and colour.
 So much is in a state
of becoming. . .
New delights are being formed
by the layers growing from underneath.

The fullness of the layers
which have sat so long in place
are pierced and pushed aside
by things I have hardly been aware was there.

 There are still the patches where
things haven't really come to growth of course.
There are other corners
as thick with weed
as the the rest is full of verdure.
There they are,
deeply rooted,
and as much part of the whole as what sits on top.
Almost in the same instant I spy them I remember,
my "Father is the gardener."
I remember the urgent need of clearing and pruning.
Still and all,
I guess I am changing along with the garden,
I find myself relaxing.
I can forgive the chaos, and accept it,
along with the beauty. 

Just the way the Father of our spirits does.
Be Blessed



  1. What a wonderful and colorful garden.

    1. It certainly gives me joy.
      THank you Susan. Blessings x

  2. Wonderful post. Lifted my heart right up today. Blessings.

  3. So grateful.

    Thanks and blessings, Phil. x

  4. So glad to see this post with your beautiful garden. You wrote: "I can forgive the chaos, and accept it, along with the beauty." This spoke to me because I believe that in life there is always chaos and it is up to us to allow that chaos to become part of the beauty of our lives. Thanks so much for this post.

    1. Wise words Lynda! - So much truth in what you say.

      You are always an encouragement. Blessings. x