Monday, 28 January 2013

Staying In

We have had freezing, then thawing,
 freezing then raining,
 so the snow has gone
 but right now there is a rough wind
 and it is pouring down.

Just the weather to savour our home by hunkering down 
and enjoying what indoors has to offer.

Hubby tried his hand at some baking for the first time ever.
(He's seventy six!)
Here is his batch of bread pudding,
which is delicious,
 and therefore no help to my eternal resolve
 to cut down on sweet stuff.
While he's been in the kitchen
I have tried printing from a gelatin plate for the first time.

After dozens of unsatisfactory print pulls
 I've at last decided  I quite like the technique,
 though I made it hard for myself 
by using ordinary acrylic paints and acrylic gel medium
instead of buying the proper printing inks.

I have a studio full of materials waiting to be used 
and felt I couldn't justify buying more.
I might ask for some inks when my birthday comes around though.

If you would like to have a go
 here is the Linda Germaine video on how to make the gelatin plate.
She has lots more info, on how to proceed from there
 on Youtube and her website.

Hubby got his recipe from the net as well,
and there are lots to chose from.

It makes a change from falling asleep
 in front of the television !


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