Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beginning 2013

We have been labouring under so much dark, sodden weather for so long here in the U.K.
 that it was wonderful to wake
 to the pellucid silver of winter sunshine 
pouring in through the windows on this
New Year's Day.

It was a day to be savoured
 so we and the family set off to one of our nearby country water parks
where the world and his wife had also congregated in holiday mood.

There was a bonus for me because I had a playmate 
who I knew would appreciate the day
 and the surroundings every bit as as much as I would. 

More correctly perhaps my playmate gave me the opportunity
 to be a bit less inhibited then usual in showing my enjoyment.

As anybody who has a five year old in the party knows,
 there is always fun to be had, 
and our great grandson had opted to wear his new Power Ranger outfit
so that was a good start.

He was adamant  no coat would be worn over it but
finding how biting the wind was, as soon as we got out of the car
 he quickly agreed with me that he had better be "in disguise"
 and wear his warm woollen winter coat after all, 
so the theme for our adventures was set.

We tracked footprints imprinted by the "baddies" in the plentiful mud.
I'm afraid we sloshed through quite a bit of mud ourselves, 
(and even some water).

We enjoyed petting other peoples dogs, 
because Power Rangers being "goodies" are always fond of dogs.

My com padre took to the model train with his Grandad 
while I and my granddaughter recorded the event on our cameras. 

Then we fully explored the new adventure playground.
(Truth to tell only one of us really explored it fully).

And all the while the silver light and bright skies
 made it seem that indeed
 things were being kissed into newness.

Whatever 2013 has in store
 it has begun here with a brilliance which 
sparkled, shimmered and bounced off the waters, 
glinting through the trees 
as if to underscore the dazzling offer to
 begin again this New Year.

I know I'm predisposed to say this since it is my word for 2013,
but I'm going to say it anyway.

Today was touched with 


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