Monday, 21 January 2013

Breughel in the Park

Snow is a novelty here in the centre of England.

We do our best to cope,
 but after a few days of snow the hill we live on becomes
 a real hazard for drivers.
Consequently we don't see many cars attempting to drive up past the house,
 but the number of walkers increases 
to make our quiet corner a bustling thoroughfare.

The number of sleds being pulled behind the walkers gives the clue
 to the destination for most of them.
The winter playtime season in the park behind us has begun!

I watched a young dad pulling two sleds
complete with a youngster each on board. up past the house.
The further up the hill he went,
 the more frequent became his rest stops.

I wondered what sort of shape he was going to be in
 by the time he'd actually got to the park, 
toted both kiddies up the sleding slope after each of their rides, 
and then made his way home.
Guess he wouldn't need a trip to the gym this week.

While there is a lovely carnival atmosphere among the crowds
 there are inevetably a few spills among the thrills 
and unfortunately sometimes the air ambulance gets in on the action.

All too soon the winter light fades and the littlies have to head home to bed,
 but the slopes stay busy well after dark,
lit only by the light reflected back off the snow.

I only stay as long as my feet and hands stay warm
 so I'm off with the littlies as soon as the pale sun sinks behind the trees.

Many school's are out.
Mums and/or dads either can't get into work
or are forced to stay home from work to look after the children.
Companies report millions of pounds worth of productivity is lost.

This didn't seem to worry one dad on the national news filmed in a snowy playground who said,
"There's more to life than money isn't there?!"

It seems we were feeling much the same when Breughel was painting.


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