Thursday, 10 January 2013


This evening one of the articles
 on the B.B.C.'s magazine programe
 "The One Show" 
included a few clips from the South Wales valleys.

Unexpectedly hearing the accents of my home valleys,
I found myself in unbidden tears 
and wondered why.

 Even after forty years living 
away from my place of birth,
with good friends and sweet kindness
from many parts of the world,
it is these voices that pull at my heart.

  The land itself,
above the terraced towns
 as you can see
 is beautiful;
but it is the people,
ah, the people
 who are my home.

Of course they are not perfect,
How could I have had a place among them if they were?

When all is said and done though,
it is from them I first learned to love.
And to forgive.


P.S.   Hiraeth is the Welsh for homesickness

P.P.S  I do apologise that comments you may be making on Disqus, and my own replies, are not getting published.  I am trying to rectify the problem but so far with no success, but do know I appreciate your kindness and encouragement. 

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