Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winter's Promise

This morning as I looked out on the frozen world 
beyond my window my attention was caught by the seeming lifelessness before me, and I found myself thinking,
what seems frozen and lifeless
can become
  warm and radiant with life again
 if we just remain open,
even a little, 
and wait.

But I know the very thought of being open ever again,
even to the softest touch,
can sometimes be too much for us.

We can feel too bruised,
too empty to take the risk.

All we feel able for is staying in the numbing dark.
And indeed at times there is healing in that...

So I began to write my thoughts,
and got as far as posting them,
but unsatisfied,
I returned to my laptop and on impulse
went to a wonderful blog, I often dip into,
only to find it dealing with exactly the thoughts
I'd had pressing on me,
but much better, and in greater depth.

Feeling this was more than just coincidence
I jettisoned my earlier post and
if you feel moved to, do click on the link
and take some of the wisdom and comfort offered there, 
either for yourself, 
or to enrich and inform your prayers for those in need.

Or perhaps if that's too much to take on board
you can listen to 
"Lay Your hands gently Upon Us"

 and let that speak.
As gently as the snow falls here at this moment,
so gently may the green shoots 
of our healing
be covered,
and nurtured,
this week end.

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