Friday, 24 February 2012

Lenten Joy

It is the custom to empty the church of flowers
 during the period of lent
so as we were leaving after the Ash Wednesday service 
which I commented on in my previous post,
a friend was taking away the beautiful arrangements
 of spring flowers
 which had decorated the church up 'til then.

She generously gave me this earthenware pot of tulips. 

Before going to church I'd said to hubby that
 when we came back I would need 
to buckle down and get some housework done. 

Instead I couldn't wait to grab whatever materials 
I could lay my hands on,
(without actually tidying anything in the studio,)
and escape the chaos and the cold in there
to spend a few happy hours in the dining room.
Just me and the tulips.

This mirrors something of the Lenten season. 
At one and the same moment 
solemn and refective 
as we remember the path to the cross,
whilst threaded through with the
joyous freedom
 of it's outcome.

(I caught up with the housework today!)

Be Blessed

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